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Dr. Mary is Getting Waisted!

Did you know the co-founder herself is Getting Waisted??! Yes, it’s true. Dr. Mary Wendt wants to get in shape for her trip to Costa Rica next month, so what … Read More

One of the Healthiest States just got Healthier!

Get Waisted was honored to be featured in this month’s Healthy Coloradan! As one of the healthiest states, Colorado already boasts a high percentage of fit and active folks. However, with … Read More

Ten Weight Loss Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

Think you already know all there is to know about weight loss? Dr. Mary weighs in with some fun (and rather unusual) new ideas that will keep you healthy, trim, … Read More

Dr. Mary’s 100 Healthy Living Tips

1. Eating even one meal that contains capsaicin—the compound that gives hot sauce and chile peppers their heat—not only reduces levels of hunger-causing ghrelin, but also raises GLP-1, an appetite-suppressing … Read More

Tess’s Top 5 Healthy Baking Hacks

Ah, baking. Such a homey, comforting activity. What could possibly smell better than apple pie with cinnamon, baking away in your oven? Heaven. However, many of us unfortunately connect baking … Read More

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