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Hide Your Food by Dr. Mary

Many years ago, when I was first changing my diet, I thought of my new food as diet food. I ate my new foods but I still thought about the … Read More

Tess’s Healthy Chocolate Fix

This is my new way to satisfy the need for a chocolate sweet treat, while still eating something nutrient-dense and healthful. It’s not pretty, but it’s quick, easy, and totally … Read More

Top Plant Protein Sources By Dr. Mary

When most people think about protein, images of milk, eggs, chicken and steak pop into their heads. Did you know though that every – yes, every – whole food contains … Read More

Asking the Right Questions Will Change Your Relationship to Food by Tess Challis

Back in the 1990s, I listened to a Tony Robbins cassette tape on the subject of “power questions.” He suggested that asking yourself key questions could help you turn anything … Read More

One Good Reason to Change – By Dr. Mary

If just 14% of people demand something, industry has to bend to accommodate them. When people demand that healthy choices are available, they work to make those healthy choices available … Read More

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