Mary-CliftonDr. Mary Wendt practices Internal Medicine in Duluth Minnesota.

Seven years ago, she was forced to examine her lifestyle when she was diagnosed with prediabetes and elevated cholesterol, despite exercising vigorously and being at ideal body weight.

With just a few simple changes to her diet, Dr. Mary’s blood sugar returned to normal and has stayed there for seven years. She also shaved 70 points off her cholesterol. Since making these changes for herself, she’s helped thousands of others get healthier and stronger by changing their diet and lifestyle.

In this process, Dr. Wendt had always wished for a better program – one with both online and community support – to help her make healthy changes in her own life, as well as the lives of her patients. She wanted a program that would be fun and easy to stick with, and one that would give back at every possible turn.

Together with Tess Challis, this dream was realized when Get Waisted was born. In fact, the two ladies met at one of Tess’s cooking classes – where they both knew instantly there was some sort of magic brewing!

Find a meeting near you at GetWaisted.com.


Tess Challis is an author, wellness coach, and plant-based chef.

Her passion for healthy weight loss began in the 1990s when she found that, despite being on a plant-based diet, she was obese and in need of a major health overhaul.

After losing weight and gaining her health back, Tess created the Foodie Detox - a delicious way to lose weight and transform your health. It is her greatest passion to help others lose weight and gain health in a sane, healthy, joyful, sustainable way.

Through Tess’s work with clients, she has found that this approach works wonderfully, especially when combined with the Get Waisted “From the Inside Out” 5-Step holistic process.

Tess continues to create delicious recipes for the Get Waisted program, as it is her belief that weight loss and health are two things that should be joyful and fun, never boring and tasteless!

Tess teamed up with Dr. Wendt to co-create Get Waisted in 2012 and couldn’t be happier to be part of such an amazing team – the talented, passionate team at Get Waisted! Tess resides in Bradenton, Florida.

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