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Your Food Pile

There’s been 50 studies out of Penn State in recent years talking about square footage of food. The concept is that we all have a predetermined square footage of food that … Read More

You’re not cracking my sternum!

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my patients.  I had a woman in last month who unfortunately suffered a heart attack and ended up in the operative suite with four vessel … Read More

World War Two and Public Health

During German occupation of European countries in World War Two, occupied populations experienced dramatic changes in their diet. The Germans immediately took their farm animals and dairy cows, and many … Read More

Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work (4 Ways to Close the Gender Gap in Your Community)

  I can’t believe I’m even writing that statement in 2015, but after watching the Oscars with Mary and hearing Patricia Arquette’s passionate plea for equal pay for women, I’m inspired. … Read More

Win the Kidney Failure Battle with Diet

Studies show that a veg diet can have positive effects on Kidney Failure patients. httpv://youtu.be/_E1FXNGswoU Thanks to Dr. Michael Gregor, NutritionFacts.com.